TO MENU


        Hi, I’m Kate and I am so pleased you are here!

        I am an Australian based photographer, but have had many opportunities to explore the world, so if you are abroad, let me know? I might be heading your way already.

        I describe my collaborations as inquiries into the subtlety of movement in response to the surrounding environment.  The works explore, sometimes through juxtaposition, the balance of delicacy and strength in both the dancer and the landscape.  Investigating relationships between; the Dancer and the environment (space, shape, line, function), dancers to costume and to the self.   The work is however inherently reliant, upon the viewers’ desires for poetics, strength and beauty.

        In 2018, I was awarded an Arts Queensland Individuals Grant and it is with this, I attended creative residency at Ballet West, Salt Lake City, Utah.

        My deepest gratitude goes to Adam Sklute and Sarah Taylor, whom without their trust this project would not have been possible. To the Artistic Staff of Ballet West and every Dancer at Ballet West for making me feel so welcome, in your home, thank you.  To Sara, Joshua, Beau and the Marketing team, thank you, you all helped me bring this project to life. To Michael McCulloch and the Technical staff and  David Heuvel my beautiful friends in the costume shop, thank you.

        More than just dance, ballet is an expression of the human emotion in all its forms: love, despair, passion, hope and most importantly, joy.  
        ~ Henry Leutwyler

        The opportunity to work daily with such passionate Artists was a humbling honour and it was here I found myself lost in the smaller moments, determined to document how it felt to be present and deconstruct the daily work that occurs behind the scenes.

        Class, would begin each Dancers day, before hours of intense rehearsal, as the company prepared to open their production of Swan Lake.

        Some of my favourite moments from this time were taken from backstage and it is within this perspective this moment becomes a performance within itself.


        With a grateful heart,  biggest thanks to; Camille Bon, Alexander Baden Bryce, Robyn Begg, Brittney Feit, Alexander Idaszak, Brooke Lockett, Gemma Louise, Nadia Milford, Clare Morehen, Vanessa Morelli, Chloe Reveillon, Mary Elizabeth Sell, Nathan Scicluna, Alice Topp, Sarah Villwock, Indiana Woodward, Neneka Yoshida and Sophie Zoricic.