Kate is a Australian based photographer and these works are an inquiry into the subtlety of movement in response to surrounding environment.  The works explore, sometimes through juxtaposition, the balance of delicacy and strength in both the dancer and the landscape.  Investigating relationships between; the Dancer and the environment (space, shape, line, function), dancers to costume and to the self.   The work is however inherently reliant, upon the viewers’ desires for poetics, strength and beauty.




I view each work as a collaboration, guided by heart and finding the light, to bring a uniqueness to each portrait. With a grateful heart,  biggest thanks to; Camille Bon, Alexander Baden Bryce, Robyn Begg, Brittney Feit, Alexander Idaszak, Brooke Lockett, Gemma Louise, Nadia Milford, Clare Morehen, Vanessa Morelli, Chloe Reveillon, Mary Elizabeth Sell, Nathan Scicluna, Alice Topp, Indiana Woodward, Neneka Yoshida and Sophie Zoricic.